Saturday, July 24, 2004

Noo Joisey

Quick report from the game against Pike (new Jersey team) on Thursday:

Another top US Nationals team, another victory to the Dingos. 17-12 to us. The win came at a cost though, with Sacha injuring his ankle badly (possibly fractured), Scamby hurting his knee (not the one he had the recnstruction on), and Mike still injured knee from the Philly game. The tour is great preparation but is taking it's toll. One the plus side Gus is back playing, catching the winning goal with his left hand.

The Pike boys initially didn't have any post-game celebrations planned, but after we told them how good our previous hosts have been on this trip, they came thru with the goods in the form of a BBQ and beer at The Dean's Residence at Princeton College! Very fancy.

Now we've got a day off to see NY before playing a game against the NY team on Saturday, then Boston on Sunday.

Good luck to the rest of the Aussie teams who are starting their tours about now too.


1 comment:

bart said...

Thanks for the update.
Injuring players isn't a good way to prepare for worlds boys....
Take it easy fellas
Sacha, Scamby and Mike hope ur injuries don't sideline your for too long.