Friday, August 06, 2004

day 5 action

day 5
The dingoes played Sweden and Germany. The location was Kaarina, where we hadn't previously played. There are about 6 fields in the next town which is about 8 km from the main fields at Kupitaa. The morning game against Sweden was intense. Dingoes scored the first 4 points, helped by several blocks, one of which was a layout d by Roger Bralow. The Swedes didn't react terribly well to being down. They disputed calls with unnecessary force and even resorted to ficticious stories. We weren't angels ourselves, but it wasn't a pleasant ultimate atmosphere. Australia took half 9-3. We were dominating. The Swedes came back in the second half to make it 9-6. I think the rest of the game followed serve and at time cap it was perhaps 14-11. Game to 16. So with some considered offence and angry defence we came through winning 16-12.

Germany seemed like a difficult opponent. They had beaten Sweden and had some quick athletes. Sacha plied us with some info on their plays and their players. We played on a field in the middle of an athletic track which was a great surface. There was little wind and we set about our task of dismantling their offence. Some errors on their part let us into the game and gave us a lead. Our offence connected from the beginning. Anthony Dowle stood out in this game reeling in what the Germans later described as god-like catches. Hafl we were up 9-3. The second half was also good and our long game was effective. The dingoes with a second victory for the day 17-8.


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic results lads!!!!!!!

All that hard work is certainly paying off for you guys (and the other Aussie teams as well). Hope you are all enjoying what you have achieved so far.

Give it to those Americans!!!!